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9 Must Have Products for Remote Workers & Digital Creators


If you’re a coffee shop dweller, on-the-road creative who had to DIY their workspace in random places, you need a toolkit of products to maximize your remote desk set up. We’ve got a curated list of affordable, remote-friendly products to level up your digital nomad lifestyle. 

Also, to preface, I am a Apple user and most of these products are geared towards fellow Mac/iPad/iPhone users - however the product types apply to PC users alike! 🙂

Laptop Case w/ Built In Work Surface

Being a remote worker means you may have variable surfaces to work from, some better than others. Having a clean surface to put your laptop can make a huge difference!

I stumbled upon this all-in-one solution purely by accident (yay!) and will recommend it to anyone. While looking for a laptop case, I discovered a set that unfolded to included a mouse pad! Even if you aren’t partial to using a computer mouse, you can utilize it for your phone or other tech accessories, to keep them off the (potentially sticky) tabletop you're using. 

My first case was this minimalist sleeve that folds in on itself. Its lightweight, easy to pack into any bag, and comes in beautiful colors. I’ve since upgraded to this combo pack that includes a cord case and removable mousepad. 

If you’re looking to support with your posture and wrist strain when working on your computer all day, you can get a case with a built in stand - such a great idea!

Wireless Mouse

This is optional but personally, I am partial to using a computer mouse. Especially for work that requires a lot of precision - graphic design, video editing, content creation, in particular - having a mouse can be incredibly helpful. Choosing a grip style is incredibly personal, but if you’re looking for an affordable, basic model to test out, this one from Tecknet comes in a lot of different colors and is wireless. 


Never be caught without the right way to connect! A dongle is a must-have to ensure that all of your devices, chargers, and equipment are properly paired. 

I prefer dongles that clip directly into the laptop, which makes it easy to pack into a case easily, however this may limit the number of ports you have access to. 

Content creators and photographers will love the SD card slots available in certain models like this one. If you’re planning on sharing your screen or connecting to another device, choosing a model with an HDMI cable like this may be more advantageous. 

Keyboard Cover

Trust me when I say you need a keyboard cover! Paying to clean - or worse yet, replace - your laptop keyboard is a cost I hope you never have to experience. It's far too easy for dust, crumbs, and liquid to slip under your keys and ruin your device forever. 

Silicone key covers are a cheap and easy way to add some protection and style to your computer. You can get just about any color or pattern these days - shop this model for under $10 here. If you’re a Mac user and need help remembering all of your shortcut keys, this cover is such a big help!

Foldable Tablet / Phone Stand

If you’re working with multiple devices, you’ll want some kind of stand to prop them up. Often, I will use my iPad as a secondary monitor to screen share from my laptop. Having a way to prop it side-by-side with my other device has made working much more productive. 

This acrylic iPad stand has a clean look while being super practical. To support with heavier or larger devices, I recommend this aluminum model that folds flat for easy transport. If you’re looking for a dual purpose case to support with tablets or smartphones, I recommend something like this that can accommodate various heights, while still being compact. Bonus: this is a great way to film front-camera content on your iPhone without having to use a separate tripod!

Charging Cords

The most difficult part of remote work is making sure you have enough battery power to get you through the day. It's never a guarantee that you’ll have access to a nearby charging port, so my recommendation is to have extra long cords and if possible, an adapter that can handle more than one device. That way, if you’re sharing an outlet, you can get the most out of a single plug. 

This charger block will help get you length and extra ports without taking up too much room.

Having extra cords is a must! This multi-pack has come in handy for me on several occasions and doubles as a travel must-have. For extra long lightning cable needs, I’d recommend this 10 ft. set

Blue Light Glasses

My optometrist urged me to cut down on my screen time, and while I would love to do that, my job doesn’t always allow me to do so. Her solution was to invest in some blue light glasses. She prescribed me a set of glasses with blue light filtering lenses, which help counteract the negative affects of screen time. If you have prescriptive lenses, ask your doctor about options you might have to minimize blue light exposure. 

You don’t need to spend a fortune on these types of glasses. Amazon has a lot of cute frames that help with eye strain without breaking the bank. For example, this set comes with two pairs that are easy enough to throw in your bag and take with you anywhere. 


When AirPods came out, I was a huge fan - they’re compact and easy to use. I never had the noise cancelling version and if you're interested in trying these out I've heard great things! However, I recently converted back to an over-the-ear set of headphones to level up my remote work. 

After lots of research, I settled for the Bose QuietComfort model which I have been loving! The sound quality is fantastic, the noise cancelling is top-notch, and the price point is very reasonable for what you get. These headphones go everywhere with me - work, the plane, public transit, the gym! Wireless headphones have some downsides - they require charging and they utilize Bluetooth. Both of these things can be finicky, especially if you’re on the go. I’d recommend choosing a brand that includes a auxiliary cord, just in case. 

Insulated Tumbler

If you’re working remotely, chances are you’re sipping on a beverage while you do it. And what’s worse than your drink going room temperature amidst your working hours? My recommendation is to invest in an insulated cup to keep whatever you’re drinking at the right temperature. 

I’ve talked about it before on my platform and it still remains a favorite - the HydraPeak Voyager 40 oz. tumbler is top-notch! It fits perfectly in a cup holder when you’re on the go, has a sweat-proof outer coating to prevent any unnecessary moisture and water rings, a handle for easy carrying, and comes in a bunch of fun colors. Whether you prefer drinking hot or cold beverages, you’ll be covered with hours of temperature regulating power with this pick. 


If you have the right products, you can guarantee a productive remote work space every time. 

For more small business and entrepreneurial tips, check out our resources page. 

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